Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

At last after almost a year I' ve managed to play a game of FoW. I led my 'Hell on wheels' medium tank company against Elbongo's Fritzens. We played at Bongos place on his wonderful table and I really enjoyed an exciting game on a perfect setting.
the battlefield

deployment zone of the Krauts in the south

and in the north of the battlefield

my Amis gathered around an objective

Stuarts ready to engage

one of the attached rifle platoons secures the second objective

76mm Shermans

M20 Greyhound..

..and Jeep spotting for the best chance to ambush 

The Germans running.. occupy the walls next to the road.

overview of the now digged in rifle platoon

Krauts with lots of MG42 approaching the village from west

the other attached rifle platoon approaching the village from east

Tigers backing up the advancing infantry

US artillery's first strike

GI's reaching the village

the Sherman platoon trying to drive around the village in the north of the battlefield

the .50 cal gunner looking for trouble

Company commander and recovery vehicle looking for enemies

Infantry trying to get an overview in the south

In the north the other rifle platoon trying to take over the village..

..but gets torn apart after facing the german machine guns. :-/

the Wolverines starting an ambush

Artillery taking revenge on the germans in village 

the grenadiere increasing the pressure
the german objektive

the stuarts taking out the germans on the road

getting spotted by the grasshopper..

.. the germans in the village receive another artillery strike

the tigers react to the wolverines..

..with typical accuracy.

reinforcements reaching the road

the bogged 76mm shermans getting covered in smoke

While the recovery vehicle clears the tanks..

..artillery fire trying stop the german advance

in the north behind the village the shermans got hit by german artillery

one of the tigers gets circled..

..and finally destroyed by multiple hits.

the remaining tiger continues to destroy enemy tanks

meanwhile the sherman platoon has circled the village

overview of the south of the battlefield

the company commander checking the situation

german infantry trying to reach theUS objective

the grenadiere in the village turn back.. defend the german north objective threaten by the shermans

in the south the 76er shermans pushing forward to the second german objective..

..blasting the mortar squad.

the US objective in the south is safe

the commander observes the final US offensive

but the shermans got fought off by the german soldiers

In the end neither the germans nor the americans were able to occupy an objective, but the US forces destroyed more german platoons. Narrow victory! :-)